The story

Well known for values such as innovation, design and reliability since 1838 Aeternum is synonymous of strength steel. Since the early 60s the brand acquired huge reputation in the cookware and in particular of the pressure cookers, a category of product placed on the market thanks to Aeternum.

The first model, Astral, is entirely made of stainless steel and makes the brand, from then on, be identified by all, with the figure of the famous "King Steel".

With the expertise gained in the use of steel, Aeternum has learned the pride of its history but also the courage to grow and change.

The core values of the new products are the same as always - durability, quality, reliability, underlining the strength of the roots of Aeternum. But the brand strategy changes, to adequately pursue dequately the philosophy of Contemporary Cooking. Innovative and technologically advanced solutions, that have made Aeterum a key player in the cookware industry, as it happened with Ceramic OK and with the recent Madame Petravera characterized by an innovative non-stick coating "stone effect".

  • 1938

    Aeternum and its first steps

    In Lumezzane, Brescia, Bortolo Bugatti, with his sons, founded the company that bears his name, dedicated to the production of cutlery brass.

    Between 1954 and 1955 it started the production of stainless steel cookware: in that same period, the company takes the name Aeternum.

  • 1956

    The first pressure cooker

    Astral, the first pressure cooker by Aeternum, debuted on the market.

    The brand awareness increases considerably, thanks to the figure of "Re Inox" and Aeternum establishes itself as a leader in the cookware, in particular of the stainless steel pressure cookers. 

    In the same period were born the first and memorable advertising campaigns.

  • 2006

    Bialetti Industrie S.p.A. acquires Aeternum

    Bialetti Industrie expands further acquiring Aeternum, the historic Italian brand leader in the production of steel in the cookware and pressure cookers.

  • 2009

    The innovation of Ceramic Ok

    For the relaunch of the brand Aeternum is presented an innovative nonstick ceramic 

    Ceramic OK, as the whole range Aeternum, is produced with a lower emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.

    This coating is so the represents new frontier of cookware to cook healthy, essential and natural, just like in a dish!

  • 2013

    Petravera, a revolution in the world of cookware.

    Nature, strength and traditions come together to give life to the line Madame Petravera, a revolution in the world of cookware. The high level of non-stick surface of the stone effect ensures an healthier food and less fat.