Tips and secrets by our chef

      • Cooking vegetables, don't let them boiling for too long and put them immediately, for a few seconds, in water and ice. This helps to keep them crispy and with vivid colors. 

      • For a perfectly breaded chicken, use peanut oil and soak small pieces little by little. If you want,  add some crunchy almond to breadcrumbs.

    • To keep the egg whites long, before slamming add a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar.

      • To get a perfect chocolate icing, smooth and shiny, dissolve sugar and water on the fire and then add chocolate bars (not powder)  Before you apply it, let it cool icing up to 40 °. Then distribute it with the aid of a grate for sweet, and sweet for past freezer for a few minutes will make the glaze more glossy.

    • To remove mineral deposits from your pots, you can occasionally warm up a bit of water and vinegar in the pot; Then proceed to the normal washing.