Books and pubblications

  • Dire, fare e Cucinare…Congusto

    Dire, Fare e Cucinare…Congusto

    The techniques and the recipes of a great Italian School enclosed in a valuable volume to celebrate 10 years of the Congusto School!

    For everyone there is a course, a lesson, a range of recipes that are delicious and fun, among which you will find original recipes prepared with the use of the Bialetti Moka!

    You can purchase the book in the best bookshops, at the headquarters of the School and online on the site

  • Volevo la torta di mele

    It’s a cooking sentimental journey, telling stories that go through the time and offering portraits of persons that the author, Vittoria Morganti, met in the past.

    From the 60’s till today, the book is an overview of emotions and frames of life. The final part of the book is dedicated to our beloved coffee, prepared with the iconic Moka Express. The book is edited by Franco Angeli and sponsored by Bialetti Industrie.

    The book is available in the best bookstores.